Venturing Pack Dog Services


Hours and Policies

Hours and policies:

Our hours are:


Drop off and Pick up windows:

10 AM- 12 PM

5 PM – 7 PM

Early drop offs/late pickup hours charges are: $10 per hour per dog.

Daycare fee for overnight stays will be charged for pickups 25 hrs past drop off time at $10 per hour, to not surpass our daycare rate of $55 for adult dogs/$75 for puppies (non-holiday rate).

For example: drop off on Monday at 10AM pick up at 11 AM Friday, would not incur a daycare fee, but pick up at 12 PM would incur a daycare fee of $10 per dog.



Full payment is required for reservation.

Three day Cancellation policy:

Client will receive a full refund if they cancel by 12:00 PM, 3 days before the booking begins. Otherwise a $20 fee will be charged.


Other Fees:

Same Day Booking fee: $30 per dog

Extension fee: $30 per dog